When Men in Mo-Cap Suits Attack

I’m still not sure how good Rise of the Planet of the Apes will be when it opens this weekend, but I do know this — if it’s not good, it won’t be Andy Serkis’ fault. Whether he’s playing Gollum or a monkey, whether he gets to wear actual clothes (rare) or a motion capture suit with a camera hanging six inches away from his face (far more frequent), the man is one hell of an actor. So I highly recommend watching this RotPotA behind-the-scenes SFX reel not just to see dozens of actors in mo-cap suits rampaging on the Golden Gate bridge, or to see all the shit Weta norrmally does, but to see Andy Serkis do his thing — namely, being incredibly ape-like. The man knows his monkeys, that’s for sure. (Via First Showing)