All Hail the Majesty of ThunderLOLCats

Normally I’d try to make some clever quip here, but really, I want to be as straightforward as possible so everyone understands what this is: It’s a ThunderCats parody from the Mad cartoon, which not only takes on the first two episodes of the new ThunderCats cartoon, but also a shit-ton of internet memes, memes I’m not sure kids watching these cartoons would — or should — know about. However, it is also fucking brilliant, and I’ve watched it about 40 times, each time with my mouth open in pure awe. The ThunderLolCats are fighting Dogfort and an army of Lobster Dogs, for fuck’s sake.

You know, between this and the Daffy Duck Heavy Metal Wizard cartoon yesterday, I feel like we’ve entered a new golden age of American cartoon comedy. That golden age might only be for this week, but goddamn, what an age it’s been.