BREAKING: Joss Whedon Might Not Get to Kill Agent Coulson

From actor Clark Gregg’s official Twitter as of yesterday:

coulson lives.jpg

Oh thank god. If you recall yesterday, I was genuinely worried that Whedon was going to off our beloved Agent Coulson in the Avengers — while I guess Coulson could appear in Iron Man 3 as a flashback or something, but that seems pretty unlikely. I think he’s actually safe. Whew.

So: The question now is, who the hell is Joss Whedon going to kill? Because, as he’s proven over and over again, he’s got to kill somebody fans love in every one of his works. Or maybe… maybe Marvel has actually forbidden him from killing anyone? I know they have the right to, but could they actually make Whedon stick to it? I imagine Marvel has a team watching him all the time, just in case. And one time, when a guard had to go to the bathroom, he came back to see Whedon had crossed out half of Black Widow’s dialogue on the script and drawn little skulls and crossbones whenever her name appeared. Thanks to Steven D. for the tip! (Via Comic Book Movie)