Good Omens = Good Odors


?Good Omens perfumes. They exist, right this very moment. Yes, they’re made by Black Phoenix Alchemical Labs. The scents include:

? Agnes Nutter (Gunpowder, charred wood, smoke, and rusty nails.)
? Aziraphale (Ethereal musk, blonde woods, and dusty Bible accord.)
? The Buggre Alle This Bible (Crumbling paper and ancient cracked leather with a touch of tobacco leaf and incense.)
? Crowley (Infernal musk, red patchouli, lilac cologne, mahogany, lemon rind, oakmoss, leather, and vanilla husk.)
? Famine (Sleek black tea, tobacco leaf, frankincense, lilac, and white musk.)
? Jasmine Cottage (Camellia,
jasmine, heather, orange blossom, osmanthus, wisteria, thyme, angelica,
freesia, granny’s nightcap, and English wildflowers.)

? Madame Tracy (A coquettish blend of tea rose, ume blossom, geranium, lily of the valley, violet, and heliotrope.)
? Nanny Ashtoreth (Middle Eastern flowers, amber, honey, blood red-berries, whip leather, and polished paddle wood.)
? Pepper (Wild
English roses, French gardenia, vanilla, honey, golden ginger, blood
orange, pine resin, pink pepper, crushed berries, tuberose, bergamot,
and geranium.)

? Pollution (A toxic chypre: radioactive green musk, davana, and oozing white amber.)
? Shadwell (Roll-ups, mildewed raincoat, sweet tea, and condensed milk.)
? War (Red ginger, black spices, patchouli, honeysuckle, and three blood-soaked red musks.)
? Wensleydale (An immaculately clean scent: well-scrubbed soapy skin and fresh cotton.)
? Hastur (Smoky-sour labdanum, black patchouli, wet tobacco, and brimstone.)
? Ligur (Dry olibanum, black moss, soggy ti, khus, and opoponax.)

Each 5ml bottle is $26, with partial proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. So, to reiterate: GOOD OMENS PERFUMES. FOR A GOOD CAUSE. Wow. I don’t wear cologne and I’m not a big perfume fan, but I want every single one of these, just on principle (Okay, maybe not Shadwell. The “condensed milk” freaks me out. But everything else, though). You can order them all here.