It’s My TR Anniversary, But I Got You a Gift


A year ago today, the well-being of Topless Robot was placed in my hands full-time. I think I feel in some ways like a parent must – the days can feel really, really long, but then you look up and twelve months have gone by in a flash. I can honestly say that never before have I dedicated this much time, energy, and indeed, percentage of my life to anything else.

Just a few more quick thoughts before I get to the free stuff…

I knew I had a learning curve ahead of me when I began. I still do. Anyone in a creative field who ever stops learning will ultimately start to suck. But back then, having to do all the daily lists myself and re-make all my connections, all while walking in the footsteps of a larger-than-life personality who defined the place, well…I’m just glad so many of you had the patience to bear with me, especially since I spend more time with all of you than I do with friends and family in meat-space, making this community my home away from reality.

Being a copy of Rob Bricken would have been a disaster (you can still read the real thing, so why imitate?) – I’ve just been the best version of me I know how to be, and then tried to make that guy better. And along the way I’ve learned about bronies, manicorns, cramming and more crazy crap than I ever imagined. I’ve shared triumph and tragedy, as I gained a wife and lost a father-in-law (I thought John Dies at the End would just be one of my favorite movies, not a descriptor for the year 2013). I’ve even had a guy who hates me get turned into an insulting meme.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the site, and some are already in the works, which brings me to the contest element of this post. To win, I want you to suggest, in comments below, a new regular feature you’d like to see on TR, along the lines of Topless Toy Chest, I Read Your Fanfic, Fanboy Flick Pick, etc. Here are a few ground rules:

1. I don’t promise any of the suggestions will be implemented, but I will read them all. If yours is implemented, you agree by entering that I and/or Voice Media Group own the right to use that idea in perpetuity.

2. The idea should be for a feature I can realistically do. Not other writers. I already give them as much work as the budget allows. On the other hand, if you want to be funny and suggest something wildly absurd, it’s always possible that the entry which makes me laugh the most could win. I’m fickle sometimes like that.

3. You can suggest “Bring back Rob!” all you want, but it ain’t happening, and you probably won’t win.

4. If you’ve already suggested it somewhere before, you can do so again. So yes, Scott, you can bring up “Comment of the Week.”

So what do you win?

A mystery box. Like all of you when you heard some new guy was taking over your site, you’re going to have to take a leap of faith. It may contain a T-shirt, DVD, toy, or multiple items – all I promise is it won’t contain anything illegal to ship (like porn or alcohol or nuclear dildos are in some states), and it’ll be a better mystery box than the metaphorical ones JJ Abrams is fond of. And it will all be new items – nothing second-hand.

This contest will close, fittingly, on Boxing Day, Dec. 26th, at noon. Enter as many times as you wish until then.