Guy Who Might Direct the Unnecessary Crow Remake Might Also Direct the Unnecessary Highlander Remake


?From First Showing:

His film The Intruders
starring Clive Owen is premiering at the Toronto International Film
Festival today (stay tuned to Alex’s coverage from the festival right
here), but Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has just landed a high profile gig to follow his horror thriller. Deadline reports the filmmaker is in talks to helm the reboot of the 1986 sci-fi fantasy film Highlander, a project recently vacated by Fast Five director Justin Lin who will be busy with another installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise and a new Terminator film. Fresnadillo is also attached to direct The Crow, another reboot of previous adaptation.

I can’t decide what’s most depressing about this. Is it that the studios will give any beloved franchise to a relative newcomer just because he’s got a film in festivals that doesn’t suck? Is that maybe The Intruders is great and Fresnadillo is amazing, and yet all Hollywood wants him and other new directors like him to do is make shitty, cheap, unnecessary reboots? I know what it is! IT’S THAT THE HIGHLANDER REMAKE SCRIPT WAS APPARENTLY WRITTEN BY ONE OF THE TWILIGHT MOVIE SCREENWRITERS. Fuck. I know blaming the guy who wrote the Twilight screenplay for Twilight is like blaming the weatherman for a volcano eruption, but I don’t care. I’m going to be shallow about this, and I’ve made my peace with that.