Shameless Pimping: Three Awesome Things I Had No Part In

Hmm. Seeing as things are a bit slow, plus if I write another Star Wars post the earth might crack in two, here’s a few things on the internet not on Topless Robot that you might be interested in. I know, it’s weird, but sometimes it’s good to try new things.


? Adult Swim interviewed the lunatics of the Asylum (get it? GET IT?!) about their commitment to making cheap knock-offs of major blockbusters like Transmorphers, Almighty Thor (seen above wielding his trusty machine gun), and more. Just learning why they do what they do, how they do it, and how successful they are at it, is pretty damned interesting if you’re a movie nerd like myself.

? Likewise, my pals at Riverfront Times did an article about World Event Productions, makers of the Voltron Force series. I met a few of them at SDCC, and they’re good guys — and it’s pretty impressive how they’ve singehandedly resurrected Voltron from a small office in St.Louis.

? If you are a nerd and you love food, go to immediately and bookmark it. Just do it. You won’t be disappointed. Although you’ll probably be hungry after seeing all the awesome recipes on there.