The 3 3/4-Inch Venture Bros. Figures Are in Serious Trouble


?One of the best announcements of SDCC 2011 was that Bif Bang Pow was going to start making 3 3/4-inch Venture Bros. figures. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that straightforward — in an FAQ (which I can’t link to, strangely) BBP has sadly revealed that thy can’t make these figures until they reach a certain amount of pre-orders to justify production, and currently, they’re at… uh… 3% of that minimum.

It’s not all bad news; first of all, the figures weren’t/aren’t due out until late 2012, so I doubt too many pre-orders have been made yet — and now that the danger is known, this could easily change. Also good: If you pre-order the figures (which you can do here, by the way) you don’t get charged until if and when they’re made, so you can pre-order ’em and not worry about paying for something that might not ever happen and then waiting for a refund (i.e., the Mattel method).

The pre-orders must reach their minimum by October 31st, 2011 — that gives you a bit over a month to determine how much you need Venture Bros. figures in your life. Retailers, you guys order shit like this in bulk all the time, usually taking away opportunities for regular fans — now is the time to use that power. It’s for a good cause this time! Thanks to Seth L. for the worrisome tip, and go Team Venture.