The Evil Dead Remake Kisses Its Ash Goodbye

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?Bruce Campbell said on Twitter — definitely, not easily misconstrued, outright said — that the character of Ash will not be in the Evil Dead remake.

On one hand, this is good, because I can’t imagine anyone other than Campbell playing the role. It would be a disaster for anyone to even try.

On the other hand, what the hell is Evil Dead without Ash? It’s a pretty nondescript horror movie about stupid 20-somethings getting killed, and we already have hundreds of movies about that. I guess you could do the “splatstick” horror-comedy of Evil Dead 2, but still, Ash is at least 50% of why that works, and arguably a lot more. I don’t want to resign this to the bin with The Thing prequel yet, but why on Earth would anyone want to see an Ash-less remake of Evil Dead instead of, you know, Evil Dead? (Via Blastr)