TR Contest Special: The Most Shamefully Nerdy Thing You Own, Sponsored by Ripple Junction


?Credit where credit’s due: the fine folks of Ripple Junction, maker of fine tees ranging from everything from Futurama to TMNT to Firefly to The Big Bang Theory to several dozen other things, have kindly sponsored this weekend’s TR contest. They’re giving one of their t-shirts to two lucky winners! But there’s a bit more credit due this week, as this contest was suggested by Topless Roboteer Menshevixen (if only because she thinks she has a winning entry already).

The contest: Tell me the nerdiest thing you own or have ever owned. The thing you keep in its packaging back in your closet because you’re too ashamed to actually display it, either because it’s not nearly as cool as you once thought or because your mom’s stopping by and you don’t want her to know you have a statue of a busty, naked anime girl.

And that’s that. One entry per person, because you can’t own more than one nerdiest thing. Please try to keep them reasonably brief, as I’m still recovering from last weekend’s monster. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, September 12th. And much, much thanks to Ripple Junction for sponsoring this contest! Please check out them and their wares at their Facebook page, where you can help pick new shirt designs and win more shirts (they have a lot of shirts — seriously, you ought to check it out). Have a great weekend, and please watch out for any “hat tricks.” You know why.