Are the Legend of Zelda Games Truly Linked?

(See what I did there?) There’s been a long-standing fan-theory about the Legend of Zelda games that they take place in one locale, in some chronological order — i.e., it’s always the same Hyrule, despite the massive environmental shifts, and Link and Zelda just keep getting reborn (also, when I say this is a fan-theory many nerds accept it as absolute fact, as we nerds are wont to do with our fan-theories). Anyways, GameTrailers just released this new trailer for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, with the description “Find out how Skyward Sword is linked to the Ocarina of Time and beyond in this trailer original debuted on GT.TV!” Well, I watched the trailer, and I didn’t find out shit, but maybe you guys will have better luck. Please let me know if I should be freaking out or not.