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DVD Day: October 18th, 2011



?There’s a shit-ton of new DVD and Blu-ray releases out today, but Batman: Arkham City also comes out today. Basically, all these DVD and Blu-ray releases can go fuck themselves.

? Batman: Year One

It was available online last week, but now it’s on DVD and Blu-ray. With the bonus short “Catwoman goes stripping.”

? Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides
I honestly don’t know if this is movie too mainstream to be listed on TR, but whatever. It stars Ian McShane as a pirate, so it can’t be all bad. Right? …right?

? Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3
The only Clone Wars I’ve ever seen has been season 3, and I actually enjoyed it. Not enough to watch season 4 for some reason, but I did enjoy it. I’m not trying to imply anything with this, just mentioning it.

? The Crow
The first one, with Brandon Lee, on Blu-ray… for the first time? Really? That seems unlikely, but that’s what Amazon says.

? The Goonies
On Blu-ray, but without all those pesky special features from the 25th anniversary edition.

? The Captains
William Shatner interviews the various actors who have played captain on Star Trek about how William Shatner influenced them, primarily.

? Zombie
A.k.a. Zombi 2, Lucio Fulci’s awesome sequel to the original Dawn of the Dead, on a special edition 2-disc Blu-ray. This is the movie where a zombie fights a shark underwater. It’s worth owning.

? Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 40th Anniversary Edition

? V: The Complete Second Season

? ThunderCats: Season One Book 1
Two discs, eight episodes, no extras, $15. I’ll wait for the complete season set.

? Captain America I and II
The incredibly shitty TV movies from the ’70s starring Reb Brown (a.k.a. Blast Hardcheese) from Space Mutiny.

? Hellraiser: Revelations
A.k.a. Douchraiser. Check out this trailer here if you don’t believe me.

? The Howling Reborn
This isn’t really a new Howling film as it is an incredibly Twilight ripoff using the Howling brand name. Much like Douchraiser: Revelations you can also see a maddeningly awful Howling Reborn clip here. If you hate yourself.

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