Evangeline Lilly, Speakin’ Elvish

A few things:
1) Evangeline Lilly speaking Tolkien’s Elvish is the sexiest fucking thing somebody somewhere has ever heard. Congratulations, that person. It’s your lucky day.
2) I have sincere doubts as to the interviewer’s “geekiness” despite her claim at the beginning.
3) Good on Lilly for admitting to herself that Tolkien fans may loathe her non-original (Peter Jackson-created) character. However, anyone so obsessed with Tolkien that they hated the LotR movies is pretty much a given to hate the Hobbit movies, too, so whatever.
4) Really? They’re locking up The Hobbit scripts? Do these people know that the book has been available for 74 years at this point? Maybe all the Tolkien fanboys are right to be insane, and Jackson included a big motorcycle race in the middle. I can’t imagine why they’d bother to be so secretive about the script otherwise. (Via First Showing)