Henry Cavill Is (Still) the Hobo of Steel


?More set pics leaked from Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel movie, and if you were wondering if Henry Cavill could look more hobo-like as Supes, I believe the answer is an unequivocal “yes.” Oh, sure, he’s a buff hobo, admittedly, but he still has his unkempt beard, no shirt or shoes, and his pants aren’t just ripped to hell, they’re filthy. It’s like he’s rubbing food on them so he can boil his pants and make soup stock later.

So they’re been shooting Superman in Bum Mode for over two weeks at this point. How much of the movie is going to be him drinking 40s in the alley, hopping trains and asking passerbys for spare change (and then using his x-ray vision to see if they’re lying when they tell him they don’t have any cash)? I mean, we’ve already had a movie of Superman as deadbeat dad, do we really need the Hobo of Steel? Is is even possible anymore for Hollywood to make a movie where Superman is, you know, Superman? (Via Superhero Hype)