It Might Be Time to Start Dreading the Judge Dredd Movie


?From Animation World Network:

Pete Travis has been removed as the director on the reboot of the JUDGE DREDD feature, DREDD, reports 24 Frames.
Creative differences with the producers and execs led to the decision
and now writer-producer Alex Garland is overseeing the editing. The L.A.
Times blog said that Garland may seek a co-director credit. His fellow
producers Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich are heavily involved the post
decision-making as well, but one source said that Travis has
participated in some of the editing via the Internet. Reshoots are a
possibility and it is not known who would helm them if they are done.

Well, that’s not good. In fact, it’s almost never a good thing when a director gets shitcanned during a movie’s production, except if it’s at the very beginning, when someone else can take over entirely. I mean, Travis had a certain movie in mind, and shot the footage for that particular movie — trying to save the film with Travis’ footage is a bit like trying to build a Lego Castle out of one of the Lego spaceship sets. It’s not impossible, but it is difficult. At least we can take comfort in one thing: As long as no one hires Rob Schneider for a cameo, it will still definitely be better than the first Judge Dredd movie. Thanks to Shane T. for the tip.