So Uncharted 3 Looks Kinda Good

And when I say “kinda” I mean “unbelievably.” Yes, the environments look great, but they did in Uncharted 2 as well, so that’s not a surprise. But what I love about Naughty Dog are all the little touches, like Nathan Drake’s totally-exhausted-from-wandering-the-desert-for-god-knows-how-long running animation. Most game companies would make one run animation, and that’s it, but it’s all these specific details that make Uncharted so awesome. Also: Look at the variety in the fight scenes! I don’t just mean the guns, although there seems to be some improvement there, as well. Using your rifle like a baseball bat to smash some goon in the face? Awesome. Leaping from the top of the stairs onto some goon? Awesome. Picking up grenades and throwing them back? Awesome and extremely useful. I won’t deny that I’m still looking forward to Batman: Arkham City more (less than a week, people! Less than a week!) but once I’m done playing that, I think Uncharted 3 will slide pretty easily into first place.