Sony Takes the Assassin’s Creed


?Sony just got right to make movies based on the Assassin’s Creed game, and I’m shocked to discover I’m not upset about this at all. Seriously. I really enjoy the AC games I’ve played, and I’ve really enjoyed the incredibly goofy, science fiction and Da Vinci Code-esque plot, so you’d think I’d be perturbed, right? Well, I think it’s like this: 1) although Hollywood inevitably gets its source materials wrong, getting Assassin’s Creed wrong is almost critical to making a movie that mass audiences could understand. I expect it, it kind of needs it, and thus I’m cool with it. On the other hand, 2) Assassin’s Creed already has the goofiest fucking story possible, so even if Hollywood does make changes, it’s not like they can make the story any goofier than it already is. So go ahead, Sony. Desmond or Altair or Ezio, any era, any backstory, any nonsense, just give me some parkour and people killing people awesomely, and I’ll be there. (Via First Showing)