Super Terrific Japanese Thing: The Harrison Ford/Uncharted 3 Commercial

Yes, you read that correctly — Japan is currently running a commercial for Uncharted 3 which features Harrison Ford actually playing the game. This is so brilliant it could only be Japanese — Indiana Jones playing what is effectively the greatest Indiana Jones-type game ever? — because celebrities would never willingly do something half so amazing for American TV. Now, this video is not actually the commercial per se, but footage of seven whole minutes of Ford controlling Nathan Drake. It’s phenomenal for several reasons: at first I just thought Ford was pretending to like the game, and that was pretty awesome by itself because Ford doesn’t like anything but getting drunk and high. But as you keep watching the clip, Ford seems to actually be getting into the game, which is nothing short of a miracle. Overall, this is absolutely the second most incredible video you’ll see today. And I say that only because I already know what my final post of the day will be. (Via Kotaku)