The First New Scene from the Next Star Wars Special Edition Revealed

Honestly, I just don’t know what George Lucas is thinking any more. I mean, adding three more C-3POs and three more Darth Vaders is one thing, but making them dance? Together? In the vacuum of space? And then play pattycake with each other? And then land on top of a bunch of skyscrapers and then fly off? That just seems distracting to me. And honestly, I don’t know that these special effects are ILM’s best work, either.

Obviously, this is some sort of segment from some early ’80s French TV show about dancing in the lamest way possible while mocking popular American movies (well, then you tell me). There’s so much wrong with it I can barely parse it, but what I think disturbs me most is that the C-3POs are played by guys — their “goldenrods” are far too distinct in their little costumes — but that the Darth Vaders may be girls? Or if not, guys with child-bearing hips. I don’t know what would be more disturbing, frankly. All I know is that this video hurts me on a very fundamental level. Assuming it does the same to you, you can curse Angela T. for sending me the tip.