Tim Gunn Joins Starfleet (As a Fashion Consultant, Obviously)

Remember when Crazy Sexy Geeks’ Adam Kistler managed to get Tim Gunn’s opinion of the fashion choices of superheroes and superheroines? Well, Kistler and Gunn are back, but this time they’re taking on the crew of the Starship Enterprise, specifically the original series and early movies. Tim Gunn is always entertaining, and Tim Gunn discussing Star Trek is kind of like a warm fuzzy for you soul. Admittedly, it’s more about the gender issues of the ’60s as its presented through the Trek costuming, but it doesn’t make it any less fascinating. If the idea of Tim Gunn talking about the Mirror Universe doesn’t instantly fill you with joy, I pity you. Part II is after the jump. (Via Nerd Bastards)