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TR Contest: Halloween Costumes for Nerdy Characters



?Kissing Suzy Kolber, my favorite sports site of all time (which is co-written by Drew Magary, who you might remember as the author of the fabulous The Postmortal), does an article ever year about costumes various NFL players and coaches should wear for Halloween. It’s a good idea, so I’m ripping it off. This week’s contest: Pick out Halloween costumes for nerdy characters. Examples:

? Spock: The Sub-Mariner
? The Thing from Fantastic Four: A Weeping Angel from Doctor Who (all he needs is some fake wings and to paint himself gray!)
? Yoda: CG Yoda
? BattleCat: Hello Kitty on steroids
? Superman: Clark Kent in a Superman Costume
? Shinji from Evangelion: Buck from Kill Bill (get it?)

Bonus points will be given for both cleverness and mean-spiritedness. Five entries per person. The contest ends at 12:01am EST on Monday, October 31st, which is Halloween, so you’d think I’d keep the contest going one more day just because, but no, I’m not. Ooh, I thought of another one:

? Treebeard: A giant pine-tree air-freshener

Okay, I’ll stop before I cow everyone with my hilarity. Have a good weekend and a good Halloween. If anyone gives you candy corn, you’re legally allowed to kick them in the junk. Or so I’ve heard. Don’t quote me.