Your NYCC Comic News Round-Up


?? The American Shonen Jump mag is dead, or will be by next April. It is, however, being replaced with Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha in January, an online (and weekly, obviously) version which will be posting the translated versions of One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and the other Shueisha hits nigh-simultaneously with the Japanese releases. The subscription is staying the same — $26 for a year — which I think is an eminently reasonable price to read One Piece legally.
? There will be a Scarlet Spider monthly beginning in January. I can’t believe I just typed that.
? Grant Morrison will be doing a Wonder Woman comic that takes WW back to her fetish-y/bondage-y roots. That should help undo whatever clarity the DCnU brought to the character.
? Storm is now an Avenger. Sigh.
? DC killed Krypto. The DCnU, everybody!
? On the Marvel to-be-resurrected list: Sabretooth and (sigh) Phoenix. Phoenix is always a freebie, but I’m vaguely interested in how Sabretooth will be getting better from his beheading (above).
? Robot Chicken will be doing a DC special. Sounds good to me.