Awesome Skyrim Music Video Trifecta

? John Mapes, creator of the millennium’s greatest song (I speak, of course, of “Love Is Lasagna”) returns with a ditty titled “I’m Spending Christmas in Skyrim.” I imagine anyone who both owns Skyrim and celebrates Christmas will know exactly what John is singing about.

? Here, Lara and Taylor perform a beautiful medley of Morrowind and Skyrim themes on piano and violin, respectively. Head to the YouTube page and check out the video description for a link to the mp3 (actually, you can do the same thing with Mapes’ song, too). Thanks to Andre B. for the tip.

? And last but certainly not least, here’s 14+ minutes of 100 unique ways to die while playing Skyrim. Yes, technically the videomaker has made no fan music for the video, but instead used Elvis Presley’s “A Little Less Conversation.” I don’t care. Just watch it. (Via Kotaku)