Behold the Crow We Almost Got


?Bradley Cooper has since dropped out of the vastly unnecessary Crow remake, but some concept art of what Cooper might have looked like as Crow-ified Eric Draven has surfaced. I remain firm in belief that Cooper is just too classically good-looking to be a believably tormented soul bent on revenge, and looking at these I also realize I doubt Cooper would have cut his hair for the role, meaning he would undoubtedly have looked like the top two pics — meaning he would have looked like a really, really attractive version of Heath Ledger’s Joker (seriously, Cooper’s had the same haircut for the last five years). All in all, I’d say this is for the best. io9 has other, goofier, and infinitely less likely to have ever been approved concept art pics here (I’d send you to Shock Till You Drop, who got the pics originally, but the site is totally freaking my computer out for some reason).