Andy Serkis to Direct Mo-Cap Animal Farm Remake/Sequel, Anti-Capitalism This Time


Maybe next he can do a version of The Fountainhead that’s about how great liberals are? I’m just not as sure as he is that George Orwell would endorse this approach, which follows the adventures of Lucky, son of the book’s protagonist Napoleon. Says Serkis:

“First and foremost, we are not making a film about Communism and Stalinism because if Orwell was writing the story today, he would be talking about other relevant topics like globalisation and corporate greed,”

I’m sure China will be surprised to learn that communism is not a relevant topic. On the other hand, kids often do rebel against their fathers’ politics.

I’m not saying this is necessarily going to be bad – the original book felt extraordinarily preachy to me back in high school, and softening that probably will make a better story. I just don’t think it’ll be one Orwell would have given an unreserved thumbs-up to.

h/t Anyone00