Bruce Campbell Makes a Reasonable Argument for an Ash-Less Evil Dead Remake


TV Guide talked to Bruce Campbell, and amidst all the maddeningly vague Burn Notice questions, the interviewer also asked Campbell about the upcoming Evil Dead remake (the video’s after the jump, since it autoplays). More importantly Bruce Campbell talked about how Evil Dead nerds — like myself — are upset there’s no Ash character, he rightly points out that if the movie did have an Ash, the actor would be instantly, unfairly and almost certainly disaparagingly to Bruce Campbell’s performance as Ash, and that’s not fair to any actor, and probably not fair to the entire remake. So good point, Mr. Campbell. I see where you and Sam Raimi are coming from. However, I still think most of Evil Dead‘s appeal is the Ash character, so I don’t know how you’re going to set this remake apart from most other teens-go-to-haunted-cabin-in-the-woods type flicks without him. It worries me, is all. (Via Bloody Disgusting)

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