Bruce Campbell’s Face Is Cursed

evil dead 2 figures.jpg

ToyNewsI just put out these pics of the two new Bruce Campbell as Ash in Evil Dead 2 7-inch figures. While I’m happy to run them, and I genuinely think NECA did a good job, how is it that no toy company has ever truly captured Bruce Campbell’s likeness? Seriously, look at every action figure of Bruce Campbell made throughout the years, and you’ll notice none of them resemble Bruce Campbell, even a little bit. Oh, sure, maybe the 24-inch Army of Darkness Ash was pretty close, but the sculptors had a lot more room to work. I can’t decide if a gypsy put a curse on Campbell’s face, preventing him from having accurate merchandise made of him, or maybe it was blessed, and we mere mortals can’t possibly replicate it in a mere three dimensions. Anyways, food for thought. The figures come out in February, by the way.