Lego Guardians of the Galaxy!


The above is actually a fairly noticeable easter egg in the new 5-part online Disney/Marvel/Lego miniseries “Maximum Overload” that went live today. While fanboys make way too much of a casual comment by Kevin Feige that he wouldn’t completely rule out a multi-studio Marvel movie crossover, Lego already has the rights to every character, and has probably done it better than most Hollywood folks would, even if it is a more comedic take.

Also, the Mandarin is both the movie Mandarin and a real villain in this! With a different – but similarly confusing – accent mishmash!

The plot involves Loki super-charging various villains with magic snowballs, just because he’s bored. Still a better bad-guy scheme than Malekith’s in The Dark World.

In other Marvel movie news, it looks like another Wolverine solo movie will happen, if only so Hugh Jackman can beat Sean Connery’s Bond record of most movies playing the same major character.