Community Is the Greatest TV Show in the History of Ever

As many of you know, the wonderful sitcom Community has been pulled from NBC’s mid-season schedule, which means the show is possibly getting canceled (of course, it’s also possible that NBC’s mid-season replacement shows will suck and the network will have no choice but to bring Community back, at least for a bit). Now, as much as I love Community, I haven’t mentioned this on TR because while Community is always great, it isn’t always nerdy — although when it is nerdy, it’s gloriously nerdy (such as the Doctor Who parody “Inspector Spacetime”, the amazing D&D episode, and more). But one clip — really, one specific joke — has singlehandedly changed my mind, and led me to beg you all to watch Community and beg all your friends and family to do the same. Behold:
Please note that these three scenes come from different seasons. Meaning someone uttered the word “Beetlejuice” once per season on Community. And if you still aren’t sure why this is awesome, please look at the window behind Annie/Alison Brie when she says the third “Beetlejuice.” As Community creator Dan Harmon tweeted, “”The Easter egg that took three years to hide. Our show is TOTALLY ACCESSIBLE.”

Community may be too good for this world, but by god I’m not gonna let it end without a fight. (Via IGN)