DVD Day: November 29th, 2011


?? Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil
Wash from Firefly and Sock from Reaper play lovable hillbillies who accidentally terrorize and/or help kill a bunch of idiots teens in the woods. Looks like a lot of fun, if not a must-own.

? Smallville: The Complete Series
It dawns on me that there was a TV show about Superman that ran for an entire decade, and yet virtually no nerds were ever that excited about it, then or now. That’s kind of amazing. Kind of sad, too, but also kind of amazing. The Complete Tenth Season is also out today.

? The Smurfs
Out on Friday. For any of you Smurfs nerds who hate yourself enough to want to own footage of Hank Azaria in that Gargamel outfit. There’s a version with a new Christmas-themed short, too, if you really hate yourself.

? Another Earth
The trippy, indie sci-fi flick about what happened when you discover a parallel Earth — and the parallel you on it.

? Horror Express
This is a movie about Chistopher Lee, Peter Cushing and a prehistoric zombie ape-man sharing a train together. EVERYONE SHOULD PURCHASE IT IMMEDIATELY.

? Torchwood: Miracle Day
Huh, I diss Miracle Day yesterday, and today it’s on DVD. Miracle Day had two good episodes — the first and the seventh — and the rest was just wasting time. The new characters were bland or genuinely unlikable, the core Torchwood team got surprisingly little screen time, but worst of all, there was no plot and no answers — there was the premise that people stopped dying, and then the episodes just moved people around. I’m sure you’re thinking about Lost, but seriously Lost answered at least some things, while MD explains nothing. If you haven’t seen it, don’t. It’s not good.

? Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City
Takeshi Miike’s awesomely named sequel to his superhero flick stars a female Zebraman. I don’t know if she’s called “Zebrawoman,” but knowing Japan, she’s probably called “Lady Zebraman,” which is awesome.