Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Goofiness Trifecta

Saints Row the Third comes out today and I can’t afford it. I am sad. This has no bearing on this article, I just wanted to complain for a minute before running three silly Skyrim things.

? First up is a trailer for a retro Skyrim. I would play the living bejeezus out of this if it actually existed.


?? Apparently, Bil Keane wrote a few of the Elder Scrolls himself. Of course, he drew Jeffy misunderstanding a common idiom on it, but it still counts. (Via Unreality)

? And last but not least, here’s an song about how Dragonborn are born (i.e., hardcore dragon fucking). It might not be as epic as the Skyrim rap from last week, but it is incredibly, hilariously filthy, so there’s that. Thanks to Greg B. for the tip.