Geek Apparel of the Week: Run Away!, Slow Crawl, House Stark Beanie


?? You know, it’s just dawned on me that I don’t feature many Monty Python shirts. It doesn’t seem like many come up anymore, and those that do are pretty obvious. So I’m delighted to show this shirt from Woot, in which the seemingly innocent bunny’s bones glow-in-the-dark to reveal its deadly skeletal structure. It’s $10 at Woot today only.

slow crawl shirt.jpg

?? Not the first time this Star Wars joke has been made, but personally I think the exploding crawl words do make for a rather nice design. It’s $12 at Nowhere Bad for the next day and a half.

stark beanie.jpg

?? Winter is coming… so you’re going to need a hat. Might I suggest one of the two new beanies from 604 Republic? Here’s the Game of Thrones Stark Brewing Company logo, which is nice and subtle, but there’s also a Super Mario Bros. question block one if you’re feeling more obvious. Both are $16 at 604 Republic.