Geek Apparel: Nerd Jerseys, Rage Against Humanity, Han Quixote


?? You guys know I love a good nerdy hockey jersey, and these upcoming ones from Dave’s Geeky Ideas look pretty damned good. As you can see, they come in Voltron and House Stark flavors (although there’s also a House Lannister one available on their site), and the emblems are actually embroidered on them, not just printed — which is why $65-70 is a pretty reasonable price, methinks. You have until November 17th to get your order in here.


?? Cobra Commander does not care for the machine, not one bit. It’s $25 at We Love Fine.

han quixote.jpg

?? Yeah, I couldn’t resist this play on words. Hey, if any of you classic-literature-mashed-up-with-nerd-things authors wants to make a Star Wars-themed version of Don Quixote, I’ll buy 100 copies right now. Until then, I’ll have to make due with this shirt, which is $11 at The Yetee.