Julie Taymor Makes One Final Attempt to @#$% with the Spider-Man Musical


?It’s been a long time since I reported on Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. When we last left the troubled musical, original director Julie Taymor had been politely shitcanned, people who knew the tiniest bit about Spider-Man had come in to rewrite the book, and the musical had been reopened to mild but positive appreciation. Also it hadn’t killed or injured anybody in quite some time. Yep, things were looking up for Turn Off the Dark… all it needed to do was innocuously play to sold-out crowds for the next 50 years to recoup its zillion dollar budget. But that’s boring, so I’d like to thank Julie Taymor for coming out of nowhere and suing the shit out of Turn Off the Dark. From CBR:

Variety today reports that Julie Taymor – the original director and writer behind the first version of the show – has filed suit against the producers of “Turn Off The Dark”
in order to receive proper credit and pay, she claims. “As the lawsuit
filed today makes clear, the defendants have violated Ms. Taymor’s
creative rights as an author of ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,'”
Taymor’s lawyer, Charles Spada, told the trade. “Moreover, the producers
have failed to compensate Ms. Taymor for their continued use of her
work to date.”

Maybe this is true, but since Taymor’s “resignation” was presented as entirely mutual and I’d be shocked if they hadn’t figured out how the musical’s credits when she left, let alone Taymor’s compensation for her work. I’d have thought she would have signed an agreement to these terms as well, but maybe not. Either way, Taymor’s lawsuit is basically saying “Even though my work was so terrible you had to fire me and have other people totally rewrite half of it, now that the musical is moderately successful I demand to be paid for the half of my shitty work you weren’t able to jettison.” And that’s hilarious.