Link Invites You to Suck His Deku Nuts

Oh, videogame-themed nerd rap. Will I ever tire of you? Probably not. While the dopeness of this rap does vary in quality from time to time, I definitely wanted to run it because 1) the costumes are awesome, 2) the locations and direction are also great, 3) I’m a sucker for nerdy back-ups dancers, 4) the Deku Tree stops by to bust a rhyme and 5) Navi has, truly, never been more awesome than she is in this video. Next time Nintendo remakes Ocarina of Time I say we start a petition to get Nintendo to change her dialog to ” HEY! LISTEN! Other fairy shit is slapstick.” Thanks to Luis for the tip!

Oh, if you’re wondering about DVD Day, there’s practically nothing but the complete Transformers: Beast Wars set, just now on Amazon instead of, so I skipped. My apologies for any inconvenience.