Mumm-Ra Does Not Look Excited to Be a Collector’s Figure


?Bandai America revealed a few new 6-inch ThunderCats figures, and while this includes toys of the new cartoon’s Tygra and Cheetara, I figured most folks would be interested in this collector’s figure of classic Mumm-Ra. If you’re wondering why Classic Mumm-Ra is 6-inches tall and not 8-inches tall, like the previous Collector’s Edition Classic Lion-O, that’s because the 8-inch ThunderCats line has already tanked and Bandai’s given up on it. If it makes you feel any better, Bandai’s also releasing a new 6-inch Classic Lino-O at the same time with Mumm-Ra (with a new angry head)… although that does nothing for all the poor bastards who bought the 8-inch Lion-O. Such are travails of being a fan of Bandai toylines. You can see pics of all four figures at MTV Geek.