The Dark Knight Is Rising Later Than We Thought

dkr empitre covers.jpg

?Empire just released two Dark Knight Rises covers for their new issue, and I was going to skip them because they’re not very interesting — Batman appears to have one of those flexible flashlights you can order off TV and Bane still appears to be a G.I. Joe villain — but it’s what in the article that’s interesting. Well, semi-interesting. From director Chris Nolan himself:

“It’s really all about finishing Batman and Bruce Wayne’s story. We
left him in a very precarious place. Perhaps surprisingly for some
people, our story picks up quite a bit later, eight years after The Dark
Knight. So he’s an older Bruce Wayne; he’s not in a great state.

Well. Eight years, huh? It’s not bad, per se, it’s just… kinda weird. Can Batman really “Rise” eight years in his career? If so, what was he doing the last eight years? “The Dark Knight Maintains”? “The Dark Knight Stays Exactly the Same Level”? “The Dark Knight Descends a Little, But Then Ascends a Little, Pretty Much Staying the Same Course for the Better Part of a Decade”?