The McLennium Falcon Vs. the Dessert Star

There’s a lot to love about this Epic Meal Time parody video from Valerie “Sexy Nerd Girl” Lapomme. First of all, adding nerdiness to the Epic Meal Time format is always a good time, and making the Millennium Falcon out of $100 of McDonalds food and the Death Star out of bacon, Rice Krispies and Skittles is especially grand. But here’s what else I love:
? The hosts’ drunken perseverance in the face of adversity.
? The Dessert Star actually looks delicious. I’d eat the shit out of it. Well, not the Skittles part. Definitely the bacon, though.
? “Making it rain” with both French fries and maple syrup.
? That I now know Vanilla Rice Krispies exist. THOSE SOUND FUCKING DELICIOUS.
? The fate of the Dessert Star.
? The soundtrack during the fate of the McLennium Falcon.
? The face Valerie makes every time she takes a swig of Jack.
What I don’t like:
? Anything covered with that much mayonnaise and Thousand Island dressing. I’m a fat bastard who loves bad food, and the McLennium Falcon scares the shit out of me. I feel like I might get a heart attack just looking at it.
That said, I still highly recommend this sublimely ridiculous video. Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip!