The Muppets > Jason Segel > Saturday Night Live

The knowledge that Jason Segel was hosting this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live and that the Muppets were almost certainly going to show up was not enough to get me to watch the show live, but it was enough for me to scour YouTube this morning for a decent quality, almost-sure-to-be-pulled-shortly version of Segel’s opening monologue, in which the Muppets did show up. While I do loves me some Segel, I would infinitely prefer an SNL hosted by the Muppets. But then I’d also kind of prefer to watch the Muppets without any SNL involved whatsoever, if I had the choice, and then I realized I wouldn’t mind if Segel cameo’d in some non-SNL Muppet project, and then I realized I just want to watch The Muppets and skip SNL entirely. Which is what I’m going to do anyways. So that worked out well.