The Neil Gaiman Band Is Heavy on Nerdiness, But Light on Personal Grooming

On Monday night, Neil Gaiman, his wife Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls, Moby and Steven Merritt performed a cover of “Science Fiction Double Feature” from Rocky Horror Picture Show on Craig Ferguson. It’s an impressive group of musicians performing one of the nerdiest songs of all time, and of course the addition of Neil Gaiman makes it even more magical, and I should be mesmerized by its nerdy awesomeness. Unfortunately, I’m mesmerized instead by the fact that Ms. Palmer apparently decided to forgo shaving her armpits before performing on national TV. Also I’m pretty grossed out. I know it’s our phallo-fascist society that dictates that women must remove their body hair in order to be considered attractive, and I’m sorry about that, but still, yuck. She could have at least tried to keep her arms down. Thanks to Daniel McN. for the tip.