This New Immortals Clip Is Greek to Me

Please note: When I say “this new Immortals clip is Greek to me” I’m not just saying it because it ostensibly stars Zeus and a few other gods and goddesses (my guess is his immediate siblings Hades, Hera, Poseidon, and either Demeter or Hestia, maybe one of them had a cold or something) wrecking the shit out of some grey dudes. I’m saying it because I have no clue what the fuck is going on. This may be my fault because I’m such a big Greek myth fan, and thus I’m wracking my scotch-soaked brain trying to figure out which myth this scenes corresponds to, and coming up with nothing (well, almost nothing — if that is Zeus, and I’m assured it is, then I would guess he and his siblings are taking on the Titans, which might explain why they have a bit of trouble, although it explains nothing about why the Titans are gray or why they’re fighting in a small room).

It’s weird, because I’m not really upset. While I’d love a good Greek myth movie, I’m so used to not getting one that I’m not upset if Immortals goes off the rails. It probably helps that I love Singh’s The Fall, so even if there’s no accuracy, it should be exceedingly special to watch. And hey, maybe that specialness conveys a little something about Zeus and pals that more accurate movies don’t. Anyways, I’m still oddly excited for Immortals‘ Friday premiere.