ThunderCats Hoooooooooh My Goodness That’s Pretty

You might know artist Robert Burden for his gigantic, gorgeous paintings of ’80s action figures and/or the timelapse videos he makes of him painting them. Well, I don’t want to rock your world, but Burden has made another gigantic, gorgeous painting of some ’80s action figures, and he made another timelapse video, too. The action figures in question are the original ThunderCats toys, the painting is called “Soldiers of Thundera,” which is a massive 6 ft x 11 ft (unframed), and “took about 1000 hours of work time spread out over seven months” according to Burden himself. One day, when Topless Robot makes me rich, I will commission my own painting from Burden, which will undoubtedly be of Masters of the Universe. Bloggers get rich, right? That’s a thing that happens?