WWE Stands for Wokka Wokka Entertainment

When I heard the Muppets were going to be on WWE’s Raw, I had some trepidation, to say the least. While I did do that post about the old Muppet guard being a little too stodgy, I did think that probably having the Muppets on a wrestling show would probably be inappropriate to the characters, and something Henson wouldn’t have approved up. I’m happy to say I was totally wrong.
The whole segment was absolutely delightful and entertaining and fun and I had no problems with it. Hell, I’m impressed with the wrestlers, who threw themselves into what might be the world’s goofiest wrestling plot — which is saying something — with total gusto, never treating the Muppets as anything other than totally real. And seeing all the kids in the crowd go crazy, clearly loving the whole thing… how could any fan of the Muppets not enjoy that? I’m ready for MWE — Muppet Wrestling Entertainment — any time they want to start it up. Part 2 is after the jump. (Via /Film)