Your First (Sort Of) Glimpse At the New Red Dwarf Episodes

For the first time since 1999, the cult British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf will shoot in front of a studio audience for a full six-episode season starting next Friday. Co-creator Doug Naylor is once again writing the series and all the male leads will return, but other than that there have been few concrete details available as to what exactly will be happening with the Boys from the Dwarf this time around. (If nothing else you can count on plenty of jokes about curry and the shape of Kryten’s head). As a tease for the new episodes that begin airing next fall on the UK’s Dave network — which was also home to 2009’s less-than-stellar Red Dwarf: Back to Earth miniseries — the above “secret make-up test” showcasing Danny John-Jules’ Cat and Robert Llewellyn’s Kryten getting back into character has just been released. Despite this clip having a complete lack of Mr. Flibble, it is somewhat exciting to have Red Dwarf back. Then again, maybe I’m just a smegging idiot for being cautiously optimistic about the new episodes.