DVD Day: December 27th, 2011


?? Archer: Season 2
Along with The Venture Bros., one of the two funniest cartoons on TV. Period. Everyone buy eight copies so we can get five more seasons.

? Apollo 18
A sci-fi horror flick about a secret moon mission. I had heard of this, but had no idea it ever made it to theaters. Oh well.

? Fairy Tail: Part 2
I don’t generally include non-initial anime releases, but Fairy Tail: Part 2 here made it to Amazon’s Top 15 for the week, so that seemed notable. Of course, this might be because today’s DVD releases are pretty pitiful, but that seemed a bit mean-spirited to mention.

? Looney Tunes Golden Collection
All six of the excellent Golden Collections, complete with an exclusive flimsy cardboard box, for only $90.

? In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds
The Uwe Boll-directed, Dolph Lundgren-starring, totally unnecessary sequel to Uwe Boll’s Dungeon Siege movie. The trailer is here if you need reminding how fucking goofy it is.