DVD Day: February 28th, 2012


?? Justice League: Doom
Out digitally last week, out in physical form this week. Remember, it chronicles one of Batman’s few defeats.

? Hugo
I don’t know if some of you might count Martin Scorsese’s film as fantasy or maybe just a tribute to very old sci-fi cinema, but in case you do, it’s coming out today.

? My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Friendship Express
Five episodes. For the record, I approve of MLP:FIM, but reading the Amazon reviews on this thing is just terrifying.

? Princess Jellyfish: The Complete Series

? Fritz Lang’s The Spiders

? Pac-Man: The Complete First Season
You know, I totally forgot that in this ridiculous Pac-Man cartoon, the ghosts worked for an evil wizard named Mezmaron, who wanted Pac-Land’s power pellets. How fucked up is that? Seriously, Hanna Barbera? Four evil ghosts weren’t enough for you? There had to be a wizard controlling them all? God, I’d love to have been in that cartoon pitch meeting.