From Game of Thrones to Game of Thors


?A couple of weeks ago, Marvel announced that director Patty Jenkins was stepping down from directing Thor 2. I believe she even released a statement saying it was too bad, yadda yadda, hopes to work with Marvel in the future… and then rumors started flying around that Marvel didn’t like Jenkins’ plan for the movie and forced her out, which pissed off Natalie Portman, who had been promised that Jenkins would direct, and so on. This is old news, but I bring it up because:

1) Game of Thrones episode director Alan Taylor has now been hired to direct the movie. I’d say that’s a pretty excellent choice by Marvel. I didn’t have anything against Jenkins, but I also didn’t really know her work. But directing GoT seems like very solid experience for directing Thor 2. (Via First Showing)

2) If the rumors are true and Natalie Portman is pissed… might I make a suggestion to all the Marvel movie execs who read Topless Robot? (Or at least their interns, who could possibly leave this article up on their computer or something?) I know Portman is under contract and has to return for a sequel whether she wants to or not. But look, Jane Foster is hardly 100% necessary to Thor lore. Rather than force Portman to be in the flick and have her obviously resent it, just drop her. If you want a love interest, go with Sif. She’s already been introduced. Or bring in the Enchantress, so then you can have a love interest and a new villain. I’m just saying there are options here that don’t require harming Thor 2 or pissing off an Academy Award-winning actress.