I Have Really Good News About Arya Stark’s Hair

I didn’t have many problems with HBO’s Game of Thrones, but one of the few problems I did have was with the horrible wig that Maisie Williams wore at the end of the series to indicate her new, trying-to-look-like-a-boy-and-not-a-daughter-of-Ned-Stark hairdo. For a show that looked outstanding 98% of the time, it was glaringly bad. But as this new Game of Thrones season 2 behind-the-scenes video shows, this will no longer be an issue.

“Well, people online said I wouldn’t cut my hair, so I decided to cut my hair. Fuck ’em.” And it looks much, much better, too. Is it weird that I want Maisie Williams to be my daughter? (Via Westeros)