SDCC: All the Other @#$%


?? Yes, someone stabbed someone in the eye with a pen yesterday in Hall H over a seat. Given how awful Comi-Con’s Hall H seating policy is and how many people get denied entrance to the big panels every single time — I’m kind of shocked this hasn’t happened sooner. (Via Comics Alliance)
? Chuck’s mom in Chuck is going to be played by Linda Hamilton. That’s pretty groovy. I wonder if she’s still as ripped as she was in Terminator 2. (Via io9)
? There are at least five videos I know of that everyone wants to see but haven’t been released in the wild yet — the Thor clip, the Green Lantern clip, the aforementioned Avengers teaser, the trailer for Zac Snyder’s apparently awesome Sucker Punch movie, and the non-asscam version of The Walking Dead trailer. Anyone spots ’em, please shoot me an email.
? One trailer that is out that I can’t link to in good conscience is the trailer for Priest, based on the manwha. It looks exactly what you’d think a mid-budget, post-apocalyptic vampire flick based on an obscure Korean comic would look like, meaning Not Citizen Kane.
? Hasbro is finally getting around to releasing that last batch of Marvel Legends. About time. (Via Marvelous News)
? Karl Urban really, really wants to make a new Judge Dredd movie where he stars as Judge Dredd, because he is an insane Dredd fanboy. The money quote: “I can tell you that hypothetically–and this just gives you an idea of
where our heads are collectively at–if I was to go see a movie called
Judge Dredd, and the actor who played Judge Dredd was to take
his helmet off and full-on reveal his face and identity, I would puke in
my popcorn.” (Via Blastr)
? Here’s the trailer for Syfy’s Red, about Felicia Day as a modern-day werewolf-hunting Red Riding Hood, and not to be at all confused with the theatrical movie Red starring Bruce Willis and based on the Warren Ellis comics. It looks awful, just awful.