May the Odds, Legos and Nail Polish Be Ever in Your Favor

And speaking of things that are just for little girls, here’s the trailer for The Hunger Games movie, re-enacted in Lego.

I kid, I kid! Actually, I spent part of my vacation reading all three of The Hunger Games books — finished ’em in a touch over 24 hours, I might add — and I loved them. Seriously. To all you guys who recommended I give them a chance, much appreciated. I thought the main character was compellingly written, the books defied conventional genre storytelling in a way that was almost Game of Thrones-ish (albeit at a YA fantasy level), and were unbelievably dark, but fascinatingly so. I even liked books 2 and 3, which some of you apparently didn’t. To those who are worried that it’s a Battle Royale rip-off, don’t be — yes, the story’s main conceit is a game where kids fight to the death, but I’d say that’s less than 30% of the series’ overarching plot. And for those worried about Hunger Games’ Twilight-esque love triangle, don’t be; not only is Katniss the anti-Bella — strong-willed, individual, and flawed in recognizably human ways — but for most of the series she spends her time wondering if she likes either of the two guys who have fallen for her. But again, what I really love about the series is how it takes convention fantasy tropes like plucky heroines and rebellions and war but forcibly subverts them in dark, complex, but shockingly realistic ways. Really, my only problem is that some of the names are exceptionally, distractingly goofy. I would recommend the hell out of these books to any teen, boy or girl, and if you’re in the mode for a good, quick read that isn’t the same old country-girl-defeats-evil empire story, I recommend them to you, too.

Meanwhile, the film’s marketing people apparently don’t see The Hunger Games quite like I do.

Thumbnail image for Capitol-Colours-by-China-Glaze-Ad-550x751.jpg

?Yes, that’s Elizabeth Banks as THG‘s Effie Trinket, who may or may not be wearing the official Hunger Games nail polish, on sale soon! Because The Hunger Games is for girls! Even though Katniss herself spends 90% of the books not wearing nail polish, but instead nearly getting killed! Oh well. I eagerly look forward to seeing The Hunger Games Pretty Princess Katniss dolls on girls’ toy shelves everywhere. “Oh no! Katniss has been knifed in the face, and now her clothes — and her head — are covered in blood! Can you help Katniss clean up in time to meet Peeta and Gale at the District 12 mall?”